Man and the quest to be a definite and optimistic Thinker

Afolabi Samson Adedeji
2 min readJun 30, 2019


Peter Thiel in his book “Zero to Hero” classify into four types of thinkers; definite optimist, definite pessimist, indefinite optimist and indefinite pessimist. In this article i will talk on the definite optimist.

Definite Optimism from the combination of the two definitions is the believe that the future will be better than the present if we plan and work to make it better. This century witness the most advancement in technology and innovation but its the previous centuries that lay the foundation of what we witness today, Starting from Automobile, Telegram, Telephone, Aspirin of the 19th century to the Airplane, The panama canal, Rocket, The Nuclear power, Penicillin and other drugs, The computer and even the grandest of all, the Internet which were all pioneered in the last century.

In fact, one of its ambitious project which involve the use of nuclear energy to power rockets, have so far not been achieved. Of recent i came across a post from NASA on their recent payload to space, aiming to study non-toxic spacecraft fuel. This is no doubt a welcome development. But going back to the previous century, it seems like we back to where we started.

The last time we have a man on the moon was 1969, ever since the feat has not been re-achieved; of course we hope it will by 2020, drug discovery has been mostly based on try and error, gas-powered automobiles are recycled, not until recent do we have electric-powered vehicles which was also invented in the previous century.

This century is surely going to be a great one, with so many developments. but will we ever have inventions of our own? so far we have been copying without getting anything really new, just everything coming back repackaged.

A progress without planning is called evolution, an ideology of an indefinite and optimistic thinker, he believes the world will be better but has no idea how to go about it.

Inventions are born out of zero and thinking ahead of time.

Becoming a Definite and Optimistic Thinker:

  1. Guard your mind: Your mind is a potent tool, guard it from negativity and fear of the future and challenge it to think ahead and outside the box. You may try dedicate some time to envision the next few years and a solution that will help. “The more you practice challenging thought, the more automatic it becomes”.
  2. Maximize your success and minimize your failure
  3. Focus on the solution rather than the problems
  4. Don’t dwell on the past


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